Method One:

Please follow the instructions mentioned below:

Go to Apps > Debutify > Theme Library > Refresh

By following above instructions, your imported theme will be recognized in our Debutify theme. You will be able to select your imported theme to install the Add-Ons.

Method Two (Alternative):

**Please find the instructions below:**

1- Go to Apps > Debutify > Theme Library > Add Debutify 2.0.2 (Fresh installation)

2- Once installed, go to Apps > Debutify > Add-On > Bulk Update > Select New Theme Name

3- Clone theme settings from your existing Debutify theme to new theme by following below:

Go to Edit Code > Config > settings_data.json - Copy all content from old theme and paste on new theme

However, you will still need to reinstall any code added by apps, so you need to contact the app support for this.

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