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How to Cancel Your Debutify Subscription?
How to Cancel Your Debutify Subscription?

A guide on how to cancel your Debutify subscription.

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Canceling your Debutify subscription can be done at any time. Canceling moves your paid subscription to our Free plan.

After canceling your subscription, please send a message to our Live Chat Support or send an email to to confirm the cancellation.

How to Cancel Your Debutify Subscription?


Sign in to your Debutify Theme log-in portal at, and navigate to the Plans tab.

โ€‹STEP 2

Click on Manage My Plan.


Click on Delete subscription.


Click on "Yes, take me to the cancellation page", if you want to proceed with canceling your subscription. Otherwise, click on "No, take me back," if you intend to keep your subscription active.

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