Areviews is committed to importing product reviews from Shein, Amazon, and AliExpress only. This app can track the origin of the visitors and the visited products. It has the capacity to report the list of top countries with the most number of visitors.

Requirement: Make sure Areviews app is installed in Debutify.

STEP 1. Under Sales Channels, select Online Store.

STEP 2. On the right portion of the page, click on Customize.

STEP 3. Located on the bottom part of the sidebar menu, tap Theme actions.

STEP 4. Tap Edit Code.

STEP 5. Go to the Snippets folder.

STEP 6. Paste this code in review-badge.liquid file

<div class="areviews_header_stars"></div>

<div class="areviews_product_item areviews_stars{{ }}" data-product-id="{{ }}"></div>

STEP 7. Paste this code in review-widget.liquid file:

<div id='Areviewsapp' class='page-full'>{% include 'aliexpress_reviews' %}</div>

STEP 8. Under Layout folder, paste this code in theme.liquid file:

<script src='' defer></script>

STEP 9: Tap Save to confirm your changes.

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