Our built-in currency converter permits online sellers to get the best out of foreign sales as it allows your store to transact in multiple currencies.

Our built-in currency converter works with Shopify payments and multiple currencies.

STEP 1. Under Sales Channels, select Online Store.

STEP 2. On the right portion of the page, click on Customize.

STEP 3. Located on the bottom part of the sidebar menu, tap Theme settings.

STEP 4. Tap Advanced Settings.

STEP 5. Tick Enable and IP geolocalisation.

STEP 6. For IP-Geolocation, go to Theme Actions.

STEP 7. Tap Edit Code.

STEP 8. Go to Assets folder and select theme.js and paste the following code at the bottom of the file.

function set_currency(){

$.getJSON('https://ipapi.co/json/', function (data) {

var json = JSON.stringify(data, null, 2);

var obj = JSON.parse(json);

var currency = obj.currency;

var get_currency = $("#CurrencySelector option:selected").val();

if(get_currency != currency ){

$( "select#CurrencySelector option" ).each(function() {

if( currency == $( this ).val().trim() ){










STEP 9. Tap Save.


To set up multiple currencies in Shopify, please go through the documentation:



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