Product: All the information are based from the product page directly.

Product Photos

Image Display - Choose either Stacked or Thumbnail, stacked means basically the images would be stacked rather than the default thumbnails.

Image Alignment - Allows you to choose the alignment of the images

Enable Image Zoom - When unchecked, the customer wont be able to zoom of your images.

Product Details

Enable Vendor - When enabled, the vendor name based from the Product Edit would appear

Big Product Title - When enabled, the product title would double/ tripe its current size

Alignment - Allows you to change the alignment of your product title

Variant Picker Type - Allows you to change either button or dropdown

Show Quantity Picker - When enabled the Quantity Picker would display

Show Button Cart Icon - When enabled the Cart Icon would display inside the BUTTON.

Show Dynamic Checkout Button - There would be another button that would display, for full information, please check it out here: [DYNAMIC CHECKOUT BUTTON](

Show Description - Displays the Description

Enable Product Sharing - When enabled the Social Media Sharing Icons would appear.

Show Product Tags - When enabled the Tags of the specific product would display.

Product Tabs - this will appear if you have installed the Product Tabs addons from our Debutify APP

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