Found under: Sections -> Image-> Slideshow Section

Heading - Displays Heading Text in the Slideshow Section

Subheading - Displays Subheading Text in the Slideshow Section

Section Height - Allows you to choose different height options in desktop

Section Height - Allows you to choose different height options in mobile


Auto rotate - When unchecked the slideshow wouldn't auto-rotate

Show dots - When unchecked the dots are removed

Show arrows - When unchecked the arrows are removed

Slide changes every - You can choose the seconds the slideshow rotates (note: need auto rotate enabled)


You are allowed to add as many as you want, but the ideal banners should only be around 2-3 (This changes applied in both desktop and mobile)

-> The slideshow would be enabled if you add more than one, otherwise it would just be one static image.

Slideshow - Image

Image - Displays the image to that specific slide

Image Position - Allows you to choose the position of your images

-> Show Overlay ( enabled by default )

Text - Use overlay text to give your customers insight into your brand. Select imagery and text that relates to your style and story.

Text Alignment - Allows you to choose a different alignment for the text

Button Label - Allows you to write whatever you want on the button

Button Link - It would redirect to the specified link when the button is clicked.

Button Style- Allows you to choose your button style.

Other important things for Slideshow Section:

Recommended Size of the Homepage Slider
How to make Slideshow Banner Clickable
Slideshow Full Settings

The recommended size: 1920 x 1080 resolution on your slideshow pictures. It will auto-adjusts very well on the desktop and mobile view.

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