A cookie bar add-on will cover users particularly those living in the European Union and sellers to be compliant with the EU cookie law (ePrivacy Directive). This add-on will seek consent from the users and those who disagree will be guaranteed that their user data privacy will remain secure.

STEP 1. Go to your Shopify Admin, select Online Store.

STEP 2. On the right portion of the page, click on Customize.

STEP 3. Hit Theme Settings.

STEP 4. Go to Debutify Add-ons.

STEP 5. Tick Cookie box to make this add-on available in your theme.

STEP 6. Click on Save to confirm changes.

STEP 7. Under Theme Settings, navigate the Cookie box.

STEP 8. Under Settings, you have an option to change your cookie consent pop-up message in your Text section.

You may alter the linked text by tapping it and hitting on Edit. You may either remove the link or alter the linked page by tapping the Link field. Once you tapped the Link field, a drop-down list will present a list of other pages on your site that can be linked to your cookie consent message.

Click Done to save changes.

STEP 9. Click on Save to apply changes.

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