Discount saved add-on allows potential buyers to instantly view the percentage of the discount they will get from the promotional item.

Activate Discount saved add-on

STEP 1. Go to your Shopify Admin, select Online Store.

STEP 2. On the right portion of the page, select your 3.0 theme, and click on Customize.

STEP 3. Tap Theme Settings.

STEP 4. Go to Debutify Add-ons.

STEP 5. Check the Discount saved option to activate this add-on.

STEP 6. Click on Save to confirm changes.

Show saved price in percentage or numbers

STEP 1. Go to Theme Settings and tap Advanced Settings.

STEP 2. Under GENERAL, tap the drop-down list on Sale type. You may choose whether to show the price in percentage or a fixed amount.

STEP 3. Click on Save to confirm changes.

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