The Product image crop add-on provides consistency and a professional look on the images. This feature allows you to format your product images into the same ratio.

Activate Product image crop add-on

STEP 1. Go to your Shopify Admin, select Online Store.

STEP 2. On the right portion of the page, select your Debutify 3.0 theme, and click on Customize.

STEP 3. Tap Theme Settings.

STEP 4. Go to Debutify Add-ons to view the list of available add-ons on your selected theme.

STEP 5. Check the Product image crop option to activate this add-on.

STEP 6. Hover your mouse on the top-right corner of the page and click on Save to confirm changes.

Manage Product image crop settings

STEP 1. Navigate Theme Settings and tap Product image crop.

STEP 2. To change the aspect ratio, tap the Image ratio drop-down list and select from the six options.

STEP 3. To alter the position of the image, click the Image position drop-down list and select your desired image position.

STEP 4. Tap Save to apply changes.

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