The Infinite scroll add-on removes the pagination in your site. You have the capacity to add all of the products on a single page as this feature allows endless scrolling.

Activate Infinite scroll add-on

STEP 1. Go to your Shopify Admin, select Online Store.

STEP 2. On the right portion of the page, select the Debutify 3.0.2 theme, and click on Customize.

STEP 3. Tap Theme Settings.

STEP 4. Go to Debutify Add-ons.

STEP 5. Mark the Infinite scroll option to activate this add-on.

STEP 6. Click on Save to confirm changes.

Manage Infinite scroll settings

STEP 1. Navigate Theme Settings and tap Infinite scroll.

STEP 2. Under SETTINGS, tap Infinite scroll options drop-down list and choose either Endless click or Endless scroll.

Endless click takes the place of paginations with a “Load more” button.

Endless scroll automatically loads items as you scroll down the page.

STEP 3. If you have selected Endless click, then you have an option to change the loading text and the loading button style.

Here is an example of an Endless click.

If you have selected Endless scroll, then you have an option to alter the loading image by tapping Select image.

Choose your desired image and hit the Select button.

STEP 4. Tap Save to apply changes.

Here is an example of an Endless scroll.

Setting the number of products per row

STEP 1. Go to Collection pages and tap Collection pages

STEP 2. Under the GRID section, enter your desired number of rows and products per row.

For Products per row (desktop), you may choose between 2 and 4.

For Products per row (mobile), you may choose either 1 or 2.

STEP 3. On the top right corner of the page, tap Save to apply changes.

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