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How to Upload a Video and Use it in a Slideshow in Debutify Themes v4 & 5?
How to Upload a Video and Use it in a Slideshow in Debutify Themes v4 & 5?

A guide on how to upload a video and use it in a slideshow for Debutify Theme v4 & 5

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Adding a video or images in the slideshow section grabs the attention of visitors and increases engagement as they are more likely to hold the viewer's interest.

Video autoplay means the video will play as soon as the page is loaded but there are many reasons why a video may not autoplay on certain devices or web browsers.

Why won't the video autoplay?

One reason is that older devices may not have the necessary hardware or software to handle the video playback, and as a result, the video will not autoplay.

Another reason is that newer devices may have built-in settings that prevent autoplay, allowing users to control which types of media can autoplay, and the option to disable autoplay altogether.

Some browsers, such as Google Chrome, have implemented autoplay-blocking features to prevent videos from playing automatically. This is often done to improve the user experience and reduce the risk of unwanted content playing automatically.

How to Upload a Video for Your Shopify Store?


Go to Shopify Admin, click Content, and then click Files.


Click on the Upload files button.

How to Use a Video in a Slideshow?


In Shopify Admin, click Content and click on Files.


Click the link icon to copy the link to the video file.


You can just go to the Theme library from your Shopify admin and open your theme customizer.


On the Home page, click on the arrow to open the Slideshow menu giving you the option to add a slide.


Scroll to the video section and paste the link to the video as the Background video.


Click Save to apply the changes.

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