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How to enable the dynamic checkout or buy it now button in the Debutify Shopify theme?
How to enable the dynamic checkout or buy it now button in the Debutify Shopify theme?

A guide on how to enable or disable the dynamic checkout button or buy it now button in the Debutify Shopify theme.

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Customers can use the dynamic checkout button to quickly buy the product they're viewing. They skip the cart and complete their payment with the checkout method displayed on the button. The button dynamically changes to reflect the customer's preferred accelerated checkout method.

Two example product pages showing dynamic checkout buttons. One page shows an unbranded button with Buy it now text. The other page shows a branded button with Buy with PayPal text.

The button is displayed next to the Add to cart button and can be used to buy only single variants of a product. For example, a customer can use a dynamic checkout button to buy two red t-shirts, but not a red t-shirt and a blue t-shirt.

The checkout method that's displayed on the button depends on a few factors:

  • the customer's browser

  • the customer's device

  • the customer's personal payment history

There are two different kinds of dynamic checkout buttons:

  • Unbranded - These buttons display Buy it now text. When a customer clicks an unbranded button, they skip the cart and go to the Shopify checkout.

  • Branded - These buttons show the logo for a third-party accelerated checkout method. When a customer clicks a branded button, they complete their payment with that accelerated checkout method. The following third-party accelerated checkout methods are available:

Only the payment methods that you've enabled in your payment settings appear as options to your customers. If you don't have a third-party accelerated checkout method enabled, then only the unbranded button is displayed.

How to Show Dynamic Checkout buttons


In Shopify admin, under Online Store, click on Theme.


Select your Debutify theme and click on Customize.


Click on Theme Settings.


Click on Advanced settings.


Under General, tick Show dynamic checkout buttons.


Scroll to the Custom buy it now label and you can change the Buy Now button. Click Save to apply changes.

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