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How to Get Help from the Debutify Customer Support Team?
How to Get Help from the Debutify Customer Support Team?

A guide on how to get help from the Debutify Client Support team.

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How does Debutify Customer Support System work?

Debutify offers clients various forms of support to use themes and apps, as well as to resolve any issues.

Account support

Via chat or email

Our customer support team operates from 09:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC Monday to Friday, and client on the growth plan will get support for the latest version of the theme, while clients on the Pro plan will get support for at least one previous version.

As part of the Enterprise plan, clients get priority response and support, from 09:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC, 7 days a week and the team will assist with issues up to at least 3 previous versions of the theme.


We have a collection of helpful articles to make it easy for our customers to find the information they need.


Our 24/7 automated support with Resolution Bot can help you get answers to frequently asked questions.

L1 Support (chat support agents)

Live chat support agents, responsibilities include resolving clients' queries, recommending solutions, and guiding users through features and functionalities.

L2 Techincal Support

Technical support will help clients to get the most out of Debutify products. We aim to solve technical problems such as installation issues, a feature or addon isn’t working as it normally does, and any other technical difficulties that can have a negative impact on the user experience.

What we do not support

Conditions in which ticket should NOT be escalated to L2 Technical Team:

  • Customization on the standard Checkout page - please contact Shopify support to resolve this.

  • Integration issues on any external or third-party app (Downloaded from the Shopify App Store).

To make sure you get the most efficient resolution, make sure:

  • staff/collaborator access is available so that issue may be resolved by the backend too if required (the backend is always needed in most cases).

  • If the issue is related to 'quantity breaks' or any discount add-on/functionality, please check that the support team has permission to 'DISCOUNTS'.

  • We have the relevant screenshots or videos that will show us the errors on your screen or any information that will help the team understand the issue to resolve it.

The support team will assume an issue is resolved if the is no response after 24 hours.

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