Using the Image With Text Section

In the Image with text section, you can add an image next to a text paragraph, with the option of adding a heading or a call-to-action button that links to a page or site.

Some store owners use the image with text section to showcase unique products or services, “how it works” content, or promote blog posts. To feature more than one product on a page, add more than one Image with Text Section.

TIP: The Image with text section is also a great alternative to the feature collections

How to Layout the Image With Text Section


In Shopify admin, click on Themes.

In Shopify admin, click on Themes.


Select your Debutify Shopify theme and click Customize.

Select your Debutify Shopify theme and click Customize.


Click on Image With Text or click on Add section to add the Image With Text section.


Decide on where (option to show on desktop, mobile, or both) or how (full width or not) to display the section on the page.

Image - Displays a Large image either to left or right

Section style - allows you to choose either a blank, accent or border-top background.

Text Size - allows you to use either large or medium-sized text

Image Alignment - this displays the image on either the left or right of the text box

Text Alignment - this aligns the text to either the left, right, or center or the text box on either side of the image
Heading - displays the heading text for the section


Click on Select Image to add an image to the section.


Text box - add the text that goes with the image.

Button Style - this allows you to choose either the default, full or outlined button style

Button Label - the text will appear on the button linking the section to a URL or page in the store

Button Link - add a URL or link to a page in the store to which visitors will be directed


Click on Save to apply the changes.

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