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How to Add More Regions in the Cart Goal in Debutify Themes?
How to Add More Regions in the Cart Goal in Debutify Themes?

A guide on how to add more regions in the Cart Goal in Debutify Shopify themes.

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What is the Cart Goal Widget?

The Cart Goal widget is a powerful tool for Shopify store owners to offer free shipping when a specific cart total amount is reached. By offering free shipping and multiple currency options, you can attract a wider audience and increase your sales.

Adding Regions in the Specific Country Goal Block

You can add regions in the same Specific Country Goal block. This makes it easier to manage Cart Goals based on the continent or country. This feature is especially useful for Shopify store owners who deliver to a global market. By adding multiple regions, you can offer free shipping to customers in different parts of the world, making your store more attractive to a wider audience.

Using Multiple Currencies for a Global Market

If you are selling to a global market, it is important to cater to the needs of your international customers. This is where the currency selector, automatic geolocation, and custom currencies widgets come in. These widgets allow shoppers to select their preferred currency, making it easier for them to understand the prices and make purchases in their currency.

The currency selector add-on adds a drop-down menu on your store where customers can choose their preferred currency. The automatic geolocation add-on detects the customer's location and automatically displays the prices in their local currency. The custom currencies add-on allows you to add and manage multiple currencies on your store, giving your customers more options to pay in their preferred currency.

How to Add More Regions in the Cart Goal


Go to your Shopify Admin, go to Online Store, and then Themes.


Select your Debutify Shopify theme, and click on Customize.


Go to Home page, under addons group, go to Cart Goal, and click Add Goal.


On the add goal settings, add a cart goal for a region (continent or country name).


Click Save to apply the changes. Use VPN to test this.

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