The Cart Goal add-on allows Shopify store owners to offer free shipping when a specific cart total amount is reached.

In previous versions of the Debutify theme, cart goals were limited to 16 regions, each of which had a separate block.

In Debutify 4.7.0 and later themes, you can add up to 10 regions in the same Specific Country Goal block, making it easier to manage Cart Goals based on the continent or country. This is useful for Shopify store owners that deliver to a global market.

If you are selling to a global market, you are encouraged to use the currency selector, automatic geolocation, and custom currencies add-ons. These allow shoppers to select their preferred currency.

How to Add More Regions in the Cart Goal


In Shopify admin, under Online store, click on Themes.

In Shopify admin, under Online store, click on Themes.


Select your Debutify Shopify Theme (version 4.7.0 or later) and click on Customize.


Click on Cart Goal to show the Specific Country Goals.


Click on a Specific Country Goal to edit or click Add Specific Country Goal to create a new goal.


Add a goal for a region (continent or country name).


Click Save to apply the changes. Use VPN to test this.

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