This seems to be occurring due to a Shopify update. It seems that themes can no longer be uploaded without a section.

At least one section is mandatory for it to work.

To fix the issue, open the edit code of on your theme and copy the following to the "index.json" file.

"sections": {
"1d0bb279-0557-4faf-9a5d-27a9ac55062c": {
"type": "featured-image",
"settings": {
"show_on_desktop": true,
"show_on_mobile": true,
"full_width": true,
"section_style": "section-blank",
"image_link": ""
"order": [

This will add a featured image section to the theme and the "add section" button will appear below it.

You can then delete the featured image section, however only after they add a second section.

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