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How Debutify Themes Changed in 5.0?
How Debutify Themes Changed in 5.0?

A guide on the new and changed features in Debutify Themes 5.0.

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Debutify 5.0 comes with awesome improvements and update some exciting features to help make your online store even better than before.

The latest changes includes a new set of add-ons, Announcement Bar, Breadcrumbs, and the Cart Bubble add-on, that are free with all plans. The standard and premium add-ons are limited based on the Debutify plan you've selected.


We have made significant changes to the way add-ons are structured, grouping them into three categories: Free, Standard, and Premium.


The Starter plan has been renamed to the Growth plan, making it easier to understand the value of this package.

Plus, we've updated the text for the trial over popup to mention standard and premium add-ons. This way, you'll know exactly what features will be available if you decide to upgrade your plan.

The popup appears when a trial period is over, and it reminds you that you will lose access to certain features if you don't upgrade.


We've addressed the issue where the "Required to checkout" wasn't functioning correctly for 3 specific add-ons namely: 'Agree to terms', 'Delivery date', and 'Order feedback'.

This concern was reported multiple times by our customers, but we're glad to say that it's now been resolved.

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