Debutify customers can easily modify their subscriptions without the need to contact the Customer Support team. Downgrading a plan would result in lower monthly bills and limited add-ons. Upgrading a plan allows the customers to make the most out of their Debutify plan as they can utilize more than 30 add-ons, receive more weekly products, avail training courses, and get a chance to win private a 30-minute live mentoring call with 8-figure entrepreneur, Ricky Hayes.

Changing subscriptions is totally simple and fast.

Important: Customers can upgrade/downgrade from monthly plan to annual plan or vice-versa to any paid plan (Starter/Hustler/Master) at any time.

The amount in the next invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

STEP 1: Go to Shopify account > Apps > Debutify.


For those who have an active Master Plan, you are required to remove linked stores first before downgrading your plan.

For Master Plan subscribers:

To remove linked stores, follow these steps:

1. Select Billing

2. Remove the linked store on your plan by clicking X

If you're sure you wanted to delete the linked store, tap Remove.

Once you click on Remove, a message will appear on the screen to

confirm the removal of your selected store in your current plan.

3. Proceed to step 2.

For Hustler and Starter Plan subscribers:

Proceed to step 2.

STEP 2: Go to Plans.

STEP 3: Hover on the plan you wish to downgrade and tap Choose this plan.

STEP 4: Choose your preferred billing cycle and type in your coupon code to receive a discount. Carefully review your selection and confirm your agreement to your selected plan by tapping the checkbox.

STEP 5: Click on Start plan to start using your new subscription.

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