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How to Use the Order Tracking Widget in the Debutify Theme?
How to Use the Order Tracking Widget in the Debutify Theme?

A guide on how to use the Order Tracking widget in the Debutify Shopify theme.

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What is an Order Tracking Widget?

The order tracking widget is a Debutify conversion-building widget that allows your customers to track their orders and stay updated on the status of their purchases. This feature is essential for any online store as it provides transparency and reassurance to customers, ultimately leading to a better shopping experience.

Why is an Order Tracking Widget Important?

The topmost concern of customers is the arrival of their purchases. With an order tracking page, customers can easily track their orders and know exactly where their items are throughout the world. This eliminates the need for customers to constantly contact your customer service team for updates, saving both their time and yours.

How Does the Order Tracking Widget Work?

The order tracking page is a simple and user-friendly tool. Customers can simply enter their tracking number and click on the "Track my order" button to get real-time updates on their order status. This tracking number is usually provided to customers via email or on their order confirmation page.

The Benefits of an Order Tracking Page

An order tracking page is a valuable tool for any online store. Not only does it provide convenience for customers, but it also has several benefits for your business. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of having an order tracking page on your website.

1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

One of the main benefits of an order tracking page is that it can greatly improve customer satisfaction. By providing customers with real-time updates on the status of their order, they will feel more informed and in control of their purchase. This can lead to a more positive shopping experience and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

2. Reduced Customer Inquiries

Without an order tracking page, customers may have to contact your customer service team to inquire about the status of their order. This can be time-consuming for both the customer and your team. By having an order tracking page, customers can easily check the status of their order themselves, reducing the number of inquiries your team receives.

3. Improved Order Management

An order tracking page can also benefit your business by improving order management. With real-time updates on the status of orders, you can easily keep track of which orders have been shipped, delivered, or are still in transit. This can help you identify any potential issues or delays and address them promptly.

4. Increased Transparency

Having an order tracking page also promotes transparency between your business and your customers. By providing them with detailed information about their order, such as the shipping carrier and tracking number, customers will feel more confident in their purchase and trust your business more.

5. Opportunity for Upselling

An order tracking page can also be used as an opportunity for upselling. You can include recommendations for related products or promotions on the page, increasing the chances of customers making additional purchases.

How to Enable/Disable the Order Tracking Widget?


Log in via On your Debutify Theme log-in portal, go to add-ons.

On the Add-ons menu, select the widget you want to activate. Look for your preferred widget via the search bar or by filtering by category.


To enable/ disable the widget, click on the toggle switch.


A confirmation message appears to verify if you want to enable/disable a widget. If you wish to proceed, click Enable/ Disable.

However, if your selected widget is unavailable in your subscribed plan, you will see this message asking you to upgrade your plan to unlock the widget.

To proceed with the Upgrade, click Upgrade. Otherwise, click Cancel.

How to Create an Order Tracking Page?


In Shopify admin and click on Pages.


Click Add page.


Enter the name of your page in the Title field, add content, and select order-tracking from the Template suffix drop-down list.


In the Shopify Admin panel, select Online Store.


Select your Debutify Shopify theme and click on Customize.


Change from the Home Page to the Order-Tracking page.

From this page, customers can add their tracking number and track their orders.

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