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How to Find Add-Ons in the Debutify Theme?
How to Find Add-Ons in the Debutify Theme?
A guide on how to find add-ons in the Debutify theme.
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Debutify Add-Ons are features that are freely integrated with the selected theme. The number of Add-Ons will depend on your paid plan. The Growth plan allows the activation of all the free add-ons, 6 of the standard and 3 of the premium add-ons, while the Pro plan is 20 of the standard and 10 of the premium add-ons. The Enterprise plan can activate all current and future Add-Ons.

How to Find the Add-ons


In Shopify admin, under Online Store, click on Themes.


Select a Debutify theme (version 5.0 or later) and click on Customize.


Click on the Theme Settings Icon.

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