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How to Use the Cart Favicon Widget?
How to Use the Cart Favicon Widget?

A guide on how to enable the Cart Favicon widget.

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What does the Cart Favicon Widget do?

The Cart Favicon Widget is a useful tool for reminding customers to clear their shopping cart. This feature displays a new favicon, or small icon, whenever a product is added to the cart. This serves as a visual reminder for customers to review and potentially remove any items they may no longer want to purchase.

The Cart Favicon Widget is a great way to improve the overall shopping experience for your customers. By providing a visual cue to review their cart, you can help prevent abandoned carts and increase conversions. Give it a try on your website today!

How to Enable/Disable Cart Favicon?


Sign in to your Debutify Theme log-in portal at, and navigate to the add-ons section.


Choose your widget from the Add-ons menu, either by searching or filtering by category. Toggle the switch to enable or disable it.


When prompted to enable/disable a widget, click 'Enable' or 'Disable' to confirm your choice.

If the selected widget is not available in your current plan, you'll be prompted to upgrade. Click 'Upgrade' to proceed or 'Cancel' to continue without upgrading.

How to Manage Cart Favicon Settings?


In Shopify Admin, click on Online Store.


Select your Debutify Shopify theme and click on Customize.


Click on the Theme Settings icon > Cart favicon. Add an image for the Cart favicon.


Click Save to apply the changes.

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