What are discount codes?

Discounts can be a great marketing strategy to get customers to buy more from your Shopify store. To offer your customers social discounts, you can create discount codes, set up automatic discounts, or set sale prices for individual products.

Discount codes can be for a percentage discount, a dollar value discount, free shipping, or a discount on another product.

How to Create Discount Codes


Go to your Shopify Admin and click on Discounts.

Go to your Shopify Admin and click on Discounts.


Click on Create discount.

Click on the Create discount button.


Choose the type of discount to create.


Choose how the discount is applied.

A Discount code gives customers a discount if they enter an active code at checkout.

An Automatic discount is applied automatically applied at checkout while the discount code is active.


Set up the discount code specifying the name, the type of discount, the value and what it applies to, minimum requirements, eligible customers, the limits in terms of use, and the dates the discount code is valid for.

Click on Generate code to save.

For more details on discount codes, refer to the Shopify Manual.

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