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What are standard and premium add-ons?
What are standard and premium add-ons?

A guide on what are the add-ons available for standard and premium plans

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Add-ons are additional software components that can be added to your existing website to enhance its capabilities.

These add-ons are categorized into various sections such as marketing, social media, design, and customer support. Most add-ons offer customizable options, allowing you to tailor them to your store's branding and design.

With a variety of options to choose from and easy installation, you can easily enhance your store without any coding knowledge. Are you curious about the add-ons available for Debutify's standard and premium plans? Look no further, as we break down the different options for you.

Standard Add-Ons

If you are looking to enhance your online store, look no further! Our Standard Add-Ons offer a variety of features to help improve your customers' shopping experience and boost your business. Read on to learn more about each of our Standard Add-Ons and how they can benefit you.

Age Check

As a responsible business owner, it's important to comply with age restrictions for certain products. Our Age Check Add-On allows you to easily implement an age verification process for your customers before they can make a purchase.

Back In Stock

Never miss a sale again with our Back In Stock Add-On. This feature allows customers to sign up for an email notification when an out-of-stock product is back in stock, making it easy for them to purchase their desired item as soon as it becomes available again.


Make it easier for customers to navigate your store with our Back-to-Top Add-On. This feature adds a "back to top" button for users to quickly return to the top of the page, saving them time and effort when browsing your products.

Cart Favicon

Add a personalized touch to your online store with our Cart Favicon Add-On. You'll be able to upload your own custom favicon, giving your store a unique and professional look.

Cart Notification

Encourage customers to complete their purchase with our Cart Notification Add-On. This feature displays a notification when a customer adds an item to their cart, reminding them to continue shopping and increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Cart Reminder

Reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions with our Cart Reminder Add-On. This feature sends customers a reminder email if they have left items in their cart without completing their purchase, encouraging them to come back and complete their order.

Collection Filters

Help customers find what they're looking for easily with our Collection Filters Add-On. This feature allows you to add customizable filters to your collections, making it simple for customers to refine their search and find exactly what they need.

Custom Currencies

Expand your global reach with our Custom Currencies Add-On. This feature allows you to add different currencies to your store, making it convenient for international customers to shop and increasing your potential for sales.

Customizable Products

Offer a unique and personalized shopping experience with our Customizable Products Add-On. This feature allows you to add customizable options for your products, giving customers the ability to create their own personalized items.

Delivery Date

Provide your customers with more control over their deliveries with our Delivery Date Add-On. This feature allows customers to select a specific delivery date for their order, making it more convenient for them and reducing the chances of missed deliveries.

Facebook Messenger

Improve customer communication with our Facebook Messenger Add-On. This feature allows customers to easily connect with you through Facebook Messenger, making it simple for them to ask questions and get quick answers.

Gift Wrap

Add an extra special touch to your customers' purchases with our Gift Wrap Add-On. This feature allows customers to add gift wrapping to their order, making it easy for them to send gifts directly to their loved ones.

Inactive Tab Message

Keep customers engaged and on your store with our Inactive Tab Message Add-On. This feature displays a customized message in the browser tab when a customer becomes inactive on your site, reminding them to come back and shop.

Infinite Scroll

Make browsing your products more seamless with our Infinite Scroll Add-On. This feature automatically loads more products as customers scroll, eliminating the need for customers to click through multiple pages to find what they're looking for.

Instagram Feed

Integrate your Instagram feed into your store with our Instagram Feed Add-On. This feature allows you to display your Instagram photos on your store, promoting your social media and showcasing your products in a visually appealing way.

Inventory Quantity

Ensure accuracy and reduce the chances of overselling with our Inventory Quantity Add-On. This feature displays the real-time inventory quantity of your products to customers, preventing them from purchasing items that are out of stock.

Linked Options

Make it easier for customers to purchase multiple products with our Linked Options Add-On. This feature allows you to link related products together, making it simple for customers to add multiple items to their cart at once.

Menu Bar

Enhance the navigation experience on your store with our Menu Bar Add-On. This feature creates a customizable menu bar for your store, making it easy for customers to find what they're looking for.

Minimum Order

Set a minimum order amount for your store with our Minimum Order Add-On. This feature prevents customers from completing their purchase until they reach the minimum amount, increasing your average order value.

Newsletter Pop-Up

Grow your email list and stay connected with customers with our Newsletter Pop-Up Add-On. This feature displays a customizable pop-up on your store, encouraging customers to subscribe to your newsletter and stay updated on your latest promotions and products.

Order Feedback

Gather valuable feedback from your customers with our Order Feedback Add-On. This feature allows customers to leave a rating and review for their purchase, helping you improve your products and customer experience.

Page Speed Booster

Improve your store's loading time and provide a better experience for customers with our Page Speed Booster Add-On. This feature optimizes your store's loading speed, reducing the chances of customers leaving your site due to slow loading times.

Pricing Table

Find the perfect product for your budget with our pricing table. Easily compare prices and features to make the best decision for you.

Product Bullet Points

Get a detailed overview of our products with our informative bullet points. Quickly understand the key features and benefits of each item.

Product Image Crop

See exactly what you're buying with our product image crop feature. Zoom in on the images to get a clear view of the item before adding it to your cart.

Product Tabs

Effortlessly navigate through important information about our products with our product tabs feature. Switch between tabs to read product details, reviews, and more.

Quick Compare

Make informed decisions with our quick compare feature. Easily compare multiple products side by side to find the one that best meets your needs.

Quick View

Save time by quickly viewing a product without having to leave the main page. Get a closer look at product images and details with our quick view feature.

Recently Viewed

Forgot to add an item to your cart? No problem, with our recently viewed feature, you can easily find and access products you have previously looked at.

Show Second Image on Hover

Get a better view of our products with our show-second image on the hover feature. Simply hover over the product image to see a secondary image for a more detailed look.

Size Chart

Find the perfect fit with our size chart. Simply check the chart and find the perfect size for your specific measurements.

Smart Search

Save time and find what you're looking for faster with our smart search feature. Simply type in a keyword or product name and get relevant results in seconds.

Social Discount

Save money on your purchase with our social discount feature. Simply share our product on social media and receive a discount on your order.

Synced Variant Image

Get a visual representation of your chosen product with our synced variant image. Simply choose a specific variant and the image will update to reflect your choice.

Wish List

Save items for later with our wish list feature. Simply add items to your wish list and come back to purchase them at a later time.

These are just some of the many Standard Add-Ons we offer for your online store. With these features, you can enhance your customers' shopping experience and increase your business's success.

Premium Add-Ons

Premium Add-Ons are special features that can be added to your existing account or subscription in order to enhance your experience on our platform. These add-ons may include additional storage, access to exclusive features, or additional customization options.

Add-To-Cart Animation

Our Add-To-Cart Animation feature adds an engaging touch to your website by animating the "Add-To-Cart" button. This feature not only grabs your customers' attention but also increases the chances of a successful purchase.

Agree to Terms

With the Agree to Terms feature, you can add a tick box on your checkout page to ensure your customers agree to your terms and conditions before making a purchase. This helps clarify the rules and policies of your website, creating a smoother and more reliable shopping experience for both parties involved.

Automatic Geolocation

Say goodbye to manual geotagging and let Debutify's Automatic Geolocation feature do the work for you! This feature automatically detects your customers' location and displays the appropriate currency and language on your website, making it more convenient for them to shop.

Cart Discount

Everyone loves a good discount, and with Debutify's Cart Discount feature, you can offer discounts to your customers directly in their shopping cart. This feature helps entice customers to make a purchase by giving them a visual representation of their savings.

Cart Goal

Setting a cart goal is a great marketing tool that encourages customers to reach a specific amount in their cart by offering them a discount or free shipping. With Debutify's Cart Goal feature, you can easily set a specific cart goal to entice your customers to add more items to their cart.

Cart Savings

Our Cart Savings feature displays the total savings your customers will receive on their orders, including discounts and free shipping. This gives them a sense of satisfaction and encourages them to complete their purchase.

Cart Upsell

Increase your average order value with Debutify's Cart Upsell feature. This feature offers your customers relevant product recommendations at checkout, encouraging them to add more items to their cart before completing their purchase.

Collection Add-To-Cart

The Collection Add-To-Cart feature allows your customers to add multiple products to their cart directly from your homepage or collection page, making it easier for them to shop multiple items at once.

Color Swatches

Give your customers a more delightful shopping experience by adding color swatches to your product images. With Debutify's Color Swatches feature, your customers can easily view and select their preferred color options without having to read tedious descriptions.

Cookie Box

Comply with privacy laws and make your website more user-friendly with Debutify's Cookie Box feature. This feature displays a pop-up notification to your customers and gives them the option to accept or reject your website's cookies.

Delivery Time

With Debutify's Delivery Time feature, simply set the estimated delivery time for your products and display it to your customers. This helps set expectations and provides transparency for your customers' purchases.

Discount Saved

Display the total amount saved by your customers on their purchases with Debutify's Discount Saved feature, making them feel like they are getting great deals and discounts on your products.


Make it easier for your customers to find answers to their questions by creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. With Debutify's FAQ feature, you can easily add and organize common questions and answers for your customers to refer to.

Mega Menu

Consolidate your website's navigation and make it easier for your customers to find what they need with Debutify's Mega Menu feature. This feature allows you to display multiple categories and links in a drop-down menu for better organization and navigation.

Order Tracking

Keep your customers informed about their orders with Debutify's Order Tracking feature. This feature allows your customers to easily track their orders and view their order history on your website.

Page Transition

Impress your customers with seamless page transitions using Debutify's Page Transition feature. This feature adds a unique touch to your website and improves the overall user experience.

Quantity Breaks

Another great way to increase your average order value is by offering quantity breaks. With Debutify's Quantity Breaks feature, you can easily set discounted prices for bulk purchases on specific products, encouraging your customers to buy more.

Remove Debutify Branding

Upgrade to a professional-looking website by removing Debutify branding on your website with our Remove Debutify Branding feature. This feature is only available for paid plans and helps create a more personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Shop Protect

Protect your website and your customers' personal information with Debutify's Shop Protect feature. This feature includes an SSL certificate, secure customer login, and two-factor authentication to ensure your website is safe from hackers and malicious attacks.

Skip Cart

Increase your conversion rate with Debutify's Skip Cart feature. This feature allows your customers to quickly add items to their cart and head straight to the checkout page, reducing the chances of cart abandonment.

Sticky Add-To-Cart

Never let your customers lose sight of the "Add-To-Cart" button with Debutify's Sticky Add-To-Cart feature. This feature keeps the button visible and accessible as your customers scroll through your product page, increasing the chances of a successful purchase.

Sticky Header

Make it easier for your customers to navigate your website with Debutify's Sticky Header feature. This feature keeps the menu bar visible even as your customers scroll, making it easier for them to access different pages on your website.

Trust Badge

Instill trust in your customers and showcase your website's security and credibility with Debutify's Trust Badge feature. This feature adds a badge to your website, indicating that your website is safe and legitimate, giving your customers more confidence to make a purchase.

Upsell Pop-Up

Increase your average order value and promote relevant products to your customers with Debutify's Upsell Pop-Up feature. This feature displays a pop-up to your customers during checkout, offering them relevant products at a discounted price.

Congratulations, you have now learned about all the amazing features that Debutify has to offer. We hope this guide has been helpful and that you can now make the most of these features to enhance your customers' shopping experience.


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