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How to Find and Input Your Shopify URL Correctly When Registering with Debutify?
How to Find and Input Your Shopify URL Correctly When Registering with Debutify?

A guide on how to input your Shopify URL correctly

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When you first register for Shopify, your online store is automatically assigned a URL. Although you have the option to customize your web address with a custom domain like, Debutify uses the myshopify URL during account setup.

When registering your Shopify store with Debutify, it's important to input the correct URL; otherwise, you may encounter errors, such as a 'The Shopify store URL format is invalid' message or your add-ons may not work right.

This article will guide you through finding and inputting your Shopify URL correctly.

How to Find Your Shopify URL?


Simply append '/admin' after your store domain in the address bar.


This will redirect you to your Shopify Admin, locate the sidebar menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Click on the "Settings" option in the sidebar menu. This option is typically towards the bottom of the menu.


Go to the Domains and locate the domain ending with "". By selecting the domain labeled "Redirects to [your-store-name] (or [your-store-name].com)," you're choosing the original URL created upon account registration. This ensures that all management and functionality remain consistent with your store's setup.

πŸ“Œ Depending on how your Shopify account was registered, this domain may appear as either a series of alphanumeric characters automatically generated by Shopify or as a specific name chosen during registration.

Now that you know how to find and input your Shopify URL correctly, you can easily register your store with Debutify and start customizing your theme.

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