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Why is the Quantity Selector Not Showing?
Why is the Quantity Selector Not Showing?

A guide on why the quantity selector is not showing

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The Quantity Selector is an important feature for any online store, as it allows customers to easily select the quantity of a product they wish to purchase. However, there may be instances where the Quantity Selector is not showing on your store. In this article, we will discuss the possible reasons for this and how to resolve them.

Permitted Amount of Add-ons for Plan is Enabled

You may not see the Quantity Selector on your store if the permitted amount of add-ons on your plan is enabled. The quantity selector will not appear if more than the permitted amount of add-ons is enabled. You can resolve this issue by disabling the extra add-ons.

Quantity Break Add-on is Enabled

Quantity Break add-on may also be responsible for the Quantity Selector not showing up. The add-on allows you to offer discounts for bulk purchases, but it also disables the quantity selector. Once the add-on is disabled, the quantity selector should appear on your store.

'Show Quantity Picker' is Not Checked

Finally, the 'Show Quantity Picker' option is not checked on the product page, so it does not display the Quantity Selector. Simply check the option and the quantity selector should now be visible.

Quantity Picker is Hidden or Removed

The 'Quantity Picker' block is hidden or has been removed. Make sure this block is available under the product page section.

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