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How Many Widgets Are in Each Debutify Plan?
How Many Widgets Are in Each Debutify Plan?

A guide on how many widgets are in each Debutify plan.

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Each Pricing Plan has a different set of widgets. We have more than 60 widgets in 4 groups: Free, Standard, Premium, and Platinum.

The Growth Plan allows you to pick 11 widgets - a combination of the free widget and 6 standards, three premium widgets, and one platinum widget.

The Pro plan gives you up to 34 widgets - 1 free widget, 20 standard, 10 premium, and 3 platinum widgets.

But if you're a Savvy Brand Owner who is serious about growing (and scaling!) your brand fast, Enterprise Plan is the smartest way to go.

Enterprise gives you access to 62 widgets including all new releases. This plan gives you access to 36 standard, 17 premium, and 9 platinum widgets. Plus, a host of other benefits that can help you reach the e-commerce summit.

Upgrading or downgrading your Debutify plan will affect the number of widgets you can use and some will stop working.

How Many Add-Ons Are in Each Plan?


Go to your Debutify login portal and click on Plans.


Scroll to Add-ons to see the number and list of widgets in each Debutify plan.

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