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Why Are the Add-Ons Not Working?
Why Are the Add-Ons Not Working?

A guide on how to check why the add-ons in your Debutify Shopify theme are not working.

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If you're experiencing issues with your add-ons, this troubleshooting guide provides step-by-step solutions to common problems.

Incorrect Shopify URL

Add-ons will not work if your Debutify account is associated with an incorrect Shopify URL. Verify and update your Shopify URL in your Debutify account settings. Follow the instructions in our dedicated article on How to Change the Shopify URL Registered in Debutify?

Outdated Theme Version

Using an outdated or unsupported version of the Debutify theme will cause add-ons to malfunction. Update your Debutify theme to the latest version available. Navigate to your Debutify portal and follow our guide on How to Update Your Shopify Site to the Latest Version of the Debutify Theme?

Add-ons Take Time to Load

Add-ons might take a while to load upon first enablement. Please wait a couple of minutes after enabling the add-ons for them to fully load and become functional.

Add-ons Not Enabled

Add-ons were not enabled. Add-ons are now enabled through our theme portal. Please log in to your account at, navigate to the add-ons tab, and enable the desired add-ons. For detailed instructions, please view our article on How to Enable or Disable Debutify Theme Widgets?

Plan Limitations

Your current Debutify plan may not include access to certain add-ons. Review your plan details to confirm if the desired add-ons are included. If not, consider upgrading your plan to access a broader range of add-ons and features.

If everything is configured correctly and add-ons are still not working, you can also contact our support team, however, we no longer provide support for older versions of the theme or apps, so we suggest you update your theme now.

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