Why the add-ons are not working

It's important to update your Debutify Theme to get the latest add-ons and features.

Depending on the chosen Debutify plan, you can use more than 30 add-ons.

In the trial period, all the add-ons are available. After the trial, you will automatically switch to the free plan.

If an add-on is not working, first check which plan you are using and how many add-ons are available in the plan compared to how many add-ons are enabled. Make sure you disable the add-ons you don't need. You can upgrade your Debutify plan to use more add-ons.

If that's not an issue, check that you are using the latest version of the Debutify theme, otherwise update your theme.

You can also contact our support team, however, we will no longer provide support for older versions of the theme after December 31, so we suggest you update your theme now.

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