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How to Change the Shopify URL Registered in Debutify?
How to Change the Shopify URL Registered in Debutify?

A guide on how to change or resolve issues relating to the Shopify URL registered in Debutify.

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When signing up, it's important to ensure that you connect your MyShopify URL accurately. If you happen to input it incorrectly, it can cause issues with your add-ons, preventing them from functioning properly. If you are unsure what your MyShopify URL is click here.

Note: If you get an error notification that the Shopify store domain is already registered, please request a Live Chat support agent to assist.


Log in via Use your email and password.


In the top right corner, click on your account name, then select Manage Account from the dropdown menu.


On the store domain option, enter your store's correct URL and click 'Verify URL'.


Click Save to save the changes made.

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