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How to Use the Delivery Time Widget in the Debutify Theme?
How to Use the Delivery Time Widget in the Debutify Theme?

A guide on how to use the Delivery Time widget in the Debutify Shopify theme.

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What is the Delivery Time Widget?

The Delivery Time widget is a useful tool for managing customer expectations when it comes to the arrival of their orders. This feature allows sellers to set minimum and maximum delivery periods for both general and specific products, giving customers a clear idea of when they can expect their orders to arrive.

How Does the Delivery Time Widget Work?

The Delivery Time widget is a customizable feature that can be easily integrated into your online store. Once activated, sellers can set delivery time parameters for their products, which will be displayed to customers during checkout.

For example, suppose a seller knows that a particular product takes longer to ship due to its size or customization options. In that case, they can set a longer delivery time for that specific product. This way, customers will know the longer wait time before placing their order.

Why Use the Delivery Time Widget?

The Delivery Time widget is a valuable tool for managing customer expectations and reducing the number of inquiries about order arrival times. By providing customers with accurate delivery time information, sellers can avoid potential misunderstandings and dissatisfied customers.

Additionally, the Delivery Time widget can also help sellers plan and manage their inventory more effectively. By setting delivery time parameters, sellers can better estimate when they need to restock certain products and avoid any potential delays in fulfilling orders.

How to Enable/Disable Delivery Time Widget?


Sign in to your Debutify Theme log-in portal at, and navigate to the add-ons section.


Choose your widget from the Add-ons menu, either by searching or filtering by category. Toggle the switch to enable or disable it.


When prompted to enable/disable a widget, click 'Enable' or 'Disable' to confirm your choice.

If the selected widget is not available in your current plan, you'll be prompted to upgrade. Click 'Upgrade' to proceed or 'Cancel' to continue without upgrading.

How to Manage Delivery Time Settings?


Go to your Shopify Admin, go to Online Store, and then Themes.


Select your Debutify Shopify theme, and click on Customize.


From either the Home page or the Product Page, click on the Delivery Time section.


Click on Add Delivery Time.


Click on the Delivery Time block.


Set delivery times and visibility settings and click Save to apply the changes.

How to Set the Delivery Time for Specific Products?


Click on Select product and choose your desired item from the drop-down list.

Click on the Select button.


Click on Select collection and choose your desired collection.

Click on the Select button.


You may also alter your specific product's minimum and maximum delivery time by toggling the min delivery days and Max delivery days.

How to Position Delivery Time?

To add the Delivery time block, go to the Product page and drag it under the Product page section.

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